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We publish books and journals in the social sciences and human services, and organise conferences in related fields.

There is something of interest here for anyone involved in sociology, anthropology, political science or social policy, health, or social work and care.

10th International Conference on Practice Learning and Field Education, Glasgow, 7-8th April 2014.
This event proved to be a great success. A full report together with some of papers will soon be available on this website. A selection of papers will be published later in the year in the Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning.

Perspectives on Management and Leadership in Social Work This new title offers an insiders view which will interest anyone involved in managing social work services, or teaching this subject. All contributors have held roles in social work management, and write from real experience of doing the job. This distinguishes this title from much of the material in this field which just offers the wisdom of general management or commercial consultancy. More details here

Groupwork Notes for Reviewers We've added the Notes for Reviewers used for Groupwork here. These have been prepared by the Editors to assist reviewers, but those who are intending to write for Groupwork will certainly find them helpful.

Writing for an audience whose first language is not English.We will soon be adding some material to assist those writing for an international audience. We have now added a discussion paper on writing for an international audience. You will find it on the Resources for Authors page here. If you are interested in knowing more, or feel you have a contribution to share on this important issue, please email jm4whitingbirch@aol.co.uk.

Online subscriptions for individual subscribers Following our move to Metapress, we will be offering personal subscriptions to the online edition (so far only libraries have been able to subscribe online). For technical reasons, these subscriptions will be available only through the Metapress site. If you wish to subscribe, visit the journal pages at Metapress - using the links below.

Online journals now hosted by Metapress.Whiting & Birch online journals are now hosted by Metapress. All back issues have been uploaded to the Metapress site, and all subscribers should have access. The new web address for our journals are:

Groupwork: http://essential.metapress.com/content/122773
Journal of Social Policy and Social Work in Transition: http://essential.metapress.com/content/122776
Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning: http://essential.metapress.com/content/122774
Social Work and Social Sciences Review: http://essential.metapress.com/content/122775

So far, this transfer has gone smoothly. Contact us if you have any questions.

Critical Studies in Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science. More details of this new series, and call for manuscripts for the 2014 publishing programme here, including details of the Series Editorial Board.

The first three titles in our new book series, Critical Studies in Socio-Cultural Diversity are now available See below for the first three titles. More details about the series, including manuscript submission on the series home page.

Free downloads!

All of volume one of Social Policy and Social Work in Transition is available to download free here. We hope you will like this innovative new journal. Libraries can order through their usual agents, and individuals can order direct from us.

Free article of the month: Surveillance and silence: New considerations in assessing difficult social work placements
Jason Schaub, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Buckinghamshire New University, and Roger Dalrymple, Principal Lecturer in Education, Oxford Brookes University (Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, vol. 11, no. 3) Available free here


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